Midnight Madness | Mexico


Origin: Mexico
Process: Washed

Flavour Notes: Peach, Apricots with a Honey/Caramel finish.  Tint of Vanilla to round off the tongue,

Weight: 300g

At night sometimes we have the wildest ideas and thoughts.  I thought why not crete a coffee to represent my insanity and wildness.  We wanted to represent the sweet ideas we have through the peachy and apricot notes, while having insane complexity by having the honey and caramel notes.  By having the honey we have this rich and syrupy feelings where the caramel has that punch and dark sugar flavour towards the end.

The coffee has this maniac and insanity feeling because it starts off gentle and mellow like the fruits but towards the end of the finish we get the darker notes that finish just before the bitterness.

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