CABIN | Honduras Coffee


Origin: Honduras
Process: Honey
Producer: Janeth Lemus

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Nuts, a hint of green apple.  Similar to a Reece's Pieces

Weight: 300g


This coffee was inspired camping trips in the fall. The gentle warm vibes inside cabins was a moment we wanted to capture in this coffee.  The round texture you'll taste in this coffee represents the safety and warmth of a cabin.

The cabin is secluded and surrounded by trees.  We tried to capture this through a lighter refreshing coffee, while retaining the nuttier and chocolate notes.  The chocolate flavours bring out a nice sweetness in the coffee.

Imagine the surroundings, fruits growing all around you, the hint of acidity in the coffee brings out these fruity memories. These acidic notes are not overpowering, just like how the forest is lush with greenery with a hint of fruit growing amount the lush forest. 

Learn more about the story and listen to an accompanied playlist: CABIN STORY