THE GRIND | Blend Coffee


Origin: Blend (Nicaragua, Brazil, Colombia)
Process: Washed + Natural
Producer: Blended by Tales

Flavour Notes: White Chocolate, Caramel, Orange, Pomegranate, Vanilla
Weight: 300g

As the pandemic starts to settle and more people are being vaccinated, we are starting to get back on our feet.  2020 was an uncertain year and a very difficult one for sure,  However, we see it as a chance for growth and new perspectives.  We started out Tales in the midst of a the COVID-19 pandemic and have found growth and perspective from the experience.  From instant coffee, to roasting coffee, now YouTube, we are working hard towards our goals. This coffee is dedicated to all the long hours we have all worked to get what we want, despite the overwhelming odds of the pandemic.  2021 has just started and this coffee represents "the grind" we will all embark on this year to strive to reach our goals.

Learn more about the story and listen to an accompanied playlist: THE GRIND STORY