March Coffee: Colombia

Canadian Coffee Funding Project

CCFP | Colombia

CCFP | Colombia


Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Producer: Many small producers

Flavour Notes: Orange, Vanilla, Caramel, touch of Floral

Weight: 300g

This coffee was created with our good friend Josh.  He runs the Instagram account Canadian Coffee Adventures, and recently he's setting out to start a funding project to help people that aren't as lucky receive specialty coffee from Canadian roasters.

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the CCFP coffee will be donated to the fund for the duration of March.

We are honored to be his first guest roaster and partner for this project.  We are happy to take part in this project to help more Canadians in the coffee industry.

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We are fundamentally rooted in storytelling. Our coffee is dreamt up with inspirations from our own lives. We want to capture moments to help people better remember the coffee they are drinking. Through the texture and flavours, we hope to pass on our stories and feelings to the consumer. Although coffee seems to be a mundane part of everyday life for most, we feel a special connection to the coffee we deliver. We want to drive home the importance of this connection and we do this by relating experiences with each of our roast.

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