Tales Roastery


Originally we focused on roasting coffees for our viewers and for my own coffee shop, Faebrew.  However, I have now decided to branch out and start roasting coffee for other businesses.  I've been asking myself what sets me apart and the answer is what I want is to provide a custom roasting service.

In this industry you either buy coffee from other people or you roast for yourself.  (DUH). Buying from others has high costs and the branding attached to their beans doesn't actually bring in enough clients to justify the price. On the other hand, roasting for yourself costs a lot to start up.  You'll need additional space to roast, cost of the roaster and the time and material to learn how to roast or to hire specialized staff to roast.  It's a big investment.

We now aim to become that roasting facility for others.  If you need a specific flavour, we can help you source the beans and roast it to your expectations.  What I aim to provide is a ghost roasting service and not be a coffee branded roaster.

To keep costs low, we charge a fixed amount to run a batch.  In fact our prices are lower than if you were to start up your own roastery.  Some coffees get as low as $5.1 USD per pound.  You might ask how we can make this work, specialty arabica coffee at $5 USD?  We follow the Costco model, where we practically make nothing off each pound of bean and instead we charge a monthly fee to use our roasting service!

The end result is that our partners and clients will have a custom roast that is unique to them. They can use is for their coffees and can sell bags of whole beans to their customers as their own and promote their own brand!