DON'T brew when your beans sink [x.X]

It's NOT that full extraction is signified by sinking grounds.  It's more like .. when you pass water through grinds that have sank and it doesn't taste good, I think you shouldn't be drinking it.  This was tested out on my YT a while back and you can watch it here.

Essentially I showed how coffee being extracted towards the end was a much lighter colour but if you are pouring through beans that have sank it's essentially  nil.  In my mind, we have in fact already finished extracting the good flavours before the beans sink.  Once it becomes heavy and it's sank you will be over extracting the top and under extracting the bottom.  Thus it's best to stop brewing when the beans sink.  This is regardless of brewing method, the second you cannot lift your grinds up with a pour, it's too muddy already.



Notice as it extracts towards the end it gets lighter and lighter.  In this experiment I showed how most of the flavours really do come out at the beginning.  The lighter colours towards the end signify how poor the extraction is at that point.  It's almost like water.  I ran the experiment with both a single pour and a pulse pour.  It gets worse with pulse pours.  But essentially the lighter coloured stuff is more papery.

Look how the beginning is much richer, so most of the flavours are there.  This actually leads me to think that most flavours don't need that much water to be extracted out. In fact the flavours extracted are signified as they are sinking and not when they are sunk.  The sinking could take some time so if anything we should only be looking to extract the beginning out.

Something to think about, I've recently been going down the rabbit hole of really maximizing flavours and this is just the beginning.  I'll be updating my thoughts mostly here + IG! (YouTube will mostly be to prove things through experiments)