At Tales Coffee, we understand that not everyone has the equipment, time or capital to learn how to roast their own coffee beans. That's why we offer a convenient and professional coffee roasting service built for up-and-coming shops. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can ensure that you receive the highest quality and freshest coffee beans that deliver your unique flavor.


we are YOUR in-house roasting facility


     We want to match the bean costs as if you invested the time and effort into your own in-house roaster.  That's why we use the Costco business model to save you money. We take a membership and charge you for roasted beans nearly at cost.

     We also offer merchandising support. Ever dream of selling your unique coffee beans with your branding to increase customer spend? We offer design services and co-packing to bring your dream to your shelves. 


Membership fee : $200/month or $2000/year
*IMPORTANT* Prices all in CAD

Entry level pricing
Custom roast profile
No or High Minimum
Custom Packaging
Coffee Origins Limited Limited Any