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For those that don't know me, I am Vincent!  Hiiiiii!  I just kinda do coffee stuff and am interested in figuring out how coffee works and how we can roast/brew better coffee. It's just a little interest of mine.

When it comes to coffee I actually randomly opened a coffee shop, before this I didn't even drink coffee (lol) I actually worked in finance .. this was quite a big change.  How I got into coffee was when I was working in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to drink some really nice coffees.  However, after I moved back to Canada (Vancouver/BC) .. I felt all the coffees were quite lacking.  Never thought much of it but I still do think the coffee scene here kinda .. sucks.  We have good roasters but the shops don't really bring a unique vibe.  All the good ones have branched into becoming bakeries or similar leaving everything feeling like Starbucks variants.

To be fair though when I started I didn't even like coffee .. odd I know, but I knew in Hong Kong there were even black coffees I would drink and enjoy.  ME, the guy who DOESN'T drink coffee.  Yeah .. so I knew there's good coffee out there.  Which means ..  It's not a roaster issue but a barista issue.

So .. I've stuck to this idea of brewing better coffee :). The idea is, if I like the coffee then so will other people!  Now I just spend all day, in and out figuring out how to brew better coffees heehehehehehee.

Moving forward I'll be sharing a coffee tips or a weekly special only available through our newsletter so make sure to sign up!