Is the specialty coffee industry RELATABLE?

Many of us that love coffee understand fundamentally what coffee is about.  However, with flavour profiles regions and altitudes.  Do people really care or does this actually make the barrier to entry higher for people that AREN'T in coffee.

 As much as regions and washed methods matter, with new techniques and processing ideas coffees from one region might start tasting like another region.  With all this happening .. how are WE not confused.

If we are confused then think about newer people trying to get into the coffee world.  It feels like there's so much more information then necessary to absorb just to learn. I feel the current industry has a high barrier to entry. I genuinely do.

So what can we do to change that?  I think at the end of the day we're looking to create a better drink but does it matter so much to people?  I think most people go to a cafe to enjoy their time with the friend they went or to enjoy time by themselves.  If that's the purpose of the cafe .. then why aren'y we looking to FURTHER improve their cafe experience?

If people enjoy themselves at the space more, they're more likely to take away a good experience and associate it to a better cup of coffee.  If you can't enjoy your surroundings and your environment, how can you enjoy the coffee you're drinking.  I think it's best to make coffee relatable by making a space that's interactive and unique in a way where the coffee is secondary but the experience is first.  Then they'll want to take their time back home by buying some beans or merchandise to remember their experience.

That's how I feel at least!