My BEST Brew Method 2022

This year's been a hell've a journey.  I'd been trying with Stall the Falls, Single Pour and even a Glass of Gods method (well it's not perfected yet).  To no surprise it's still the Single Pour.

A bit more of a specific version for you guys today.  The single pour is mainly about the pour itself but for my PERSONAL favourite it would have to be with the small sized Origami dripper along with the 700mL Hario Buono Kettle.

The smaller Buono can be substituted with a larger one obviously, but the gooseneck on these are extremely horizontal.  They may take up a large amount of space on your table/shelf but they reach the middle better than all the other drippers.  Along with the wider bottom cake shape it's designed to get REALLY close to your coffee grinds.  Allowing for the gentlest pour means we get the softest but tastiest coffees yet.  Another trick is to use less water in any kettle to get really close!

With the Origami small size the kettle is able to get right on top of the grounds allowing you to further improve on the gentler pour.  With a larger hole at the bottom we have a faster flow right which helps us get brighter flavours since we are only extracting the earlier sessions of the brew.

With how gentle the coffee would come out because of the two specific equipment.  I would want to maximize the extraction by having a higher water temperature.  For a lighter roast I would use as high as 98 degree celsius.  To get my favourite texture .. I'll be using a 1:12.5 ratio ^^

TLDR | Recipe

20g Beans (ground to my medium fine aka 350-400 microns)
250g Water (98 degree celsius for light roasts, lowered for darker coffees

Set your filter, grind your beans, set your grinds to catch the water best.  With how gentle the brew will be you can use a higher divot to catch the water from a higher point.  The gentle pour allows you to get into the grounds faster without letting the gases erupt and cause over agitation between the grounds.

Pour from the middle slowly until the grounds stop surfacing and the lighter colour crema is starting to become visible, then move to the edges and finish!

Finish looks like this!