The Best ENTRY Level Coffee Grinder?

If you are looking for a hand grinder to do everything you really want or need, look no further.  I introduce to you the Timemore Chestnut C3 Pro.



This grinder is our recommended entry level hand grinder.  It does everything you need and has a great consistent grind size.

Overview - Best in price range for sure

We have 3 parts to the grinder, the handle (which folds and detaches) the body and then bottom piece that catches the grinds.  It's made of aluminum alloy to allow it to maintain a light but durable user experience.  The main body holds about 20-25g of beans, ideal for 1 cup brews.

Grind Consistency - Great for the Single Pour

For me this is always an important thing.  If you guys follow the Single Pour technique that we are known for, then you know I prefer grinding finer.  At a finer range it's hard to be too deviated unless your grinder is bad.  This grinder does really well between the 1-12 clicks range.  For our technique we use around 10.


Takes up very little space.  The handle folds in so it's super easy to store.  Fits on any counter top and has a travel bag for you to take to go.


Love it, there's no need to really consider much more since it's only $100USD or $135CAD.  Great price point, and the best entry level.  There really isn't much of a need to really get a better one at least IMO.  It's just great as a grinder and it works well for the Single Pour method.  Have had great coffees from it ✌️