What should your grind size be?

Let’s talk about it quickly. On the left side we have coarser grinds, on the right we have our classic medium fine. Do you see a difference in the grind quality?

First off there is less chaff for the finer grinds, secondly there’s just more micro fines in the coarser grinds. What does this mean?

Micro fines cause clogging. Clogging is when the water flow is slowed down because the micro fines prevent the water from flowing through. This leads to bypass.

Bypass I’ll talk about later, but this grind size just has the best flow rate and also we’re always looking for even extraction. How can you evenly extract if your grind sizes are so variable. The finer the grinds the more consistent it is, and the less micro fines there are. Micro fines stick to larger clumps because there’s more surface area, in our grinder at finer grind sizes more micro fines get caught in the static catcher which allows us to have only the best flavor coffee.