The Cozy Cardigan

CARDIGAN | El Salvador

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No winter is complete without warm clothing.  Honestly, I could never forget my fuzzy and soft cardigans.  Probably my favourite layer to wear.  It can be dressed up, dressed down, and best of all it's super warm. Every year during this time we break out the cardigans.  Whether it's a large cardigan or a small one we just simply love them.

My personal favourite one is actually an alpaca wool cardigan.  It's extremely big and long, super warm and fuzzy.  I'm able to walk around outside in the cold with this soft pillow wrapped around me.  It's different from your home fuzzy fleece hoodies, this one layers so well and accentuates the other pieces you're wearing.  Truly a winter must.
To replicate the softness of a cardigan we selected a washed processed coffee from El Salvador.  A longer roast with a long but drawn out finish to the roast allows it to create a "soft" texture.  A slow gentle flame at the end causes it this fluffiness in the coffee.  This creates a super round and it gently coats your mouth without being overpowering.
The coziness and gentleness is replicated through a warm nutty and tea like flavour.  Generally nutty flavours come with a lightly accented with some chocolate notes.  At the bottom of it is a nice round orangey flavour.  This amazing coffee is simply everything a comfortable cardigan sweater is supposed to be.