Diner's Delight

I do often go to diners and just get a coffee.  Just because I am in specialty coffee doesn't mean I don't drink other people's coffees.  Good or bad, coffee is coffee and it's just how we enjoy it.  At a diner ... I don't ever expect to have good coffee, it's just a way of life. 

But what if ... I wanted to have that taste or feeling without having to actually go into a diner.  We could even cook our own food and have a coffee that kind of matches it.  We aren't all god tier chefs, and sometimes you wanna have a strong heavy coffee to go with your breakfast.  That thick texture, and darker profile, nice chocolate nuttiness ... all great notes, but just not what's popular in specialty coffee.

This is our Diner's Delight, probably my most popular coffee (at the shop) even though it's not a "specialty" preferred bean ... it's still my most desired and most sold coffee bean at the moment.

- the BEST BAD coffee you will have


Try it for yourself