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Short Story Series
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| Third-Wheel |
By Vincent Wong


For the longest time I’ve watched my friends have Valentines every Feb 14th.  Myself?  I specialize at having at least two other people on my Valentines day:  my best friend and their partner. I have never felt alone on a Valentines.

Having been single every year on Valentines isn’t really as bad as you would think, there are some obvious perks in every relationship. To help my friends stay in shape, I help them eat their chocolates.  I get to eat free meals since I am their professional photographer for the lovely couple.  Some might see the day as a painful reminder of their "singleness", I see it as great enjoyment and freedom.

2020 was a rough year for me though, and 2021 may also be a rough year with the whole pandemic.  I’ve been feeling quite forgotten and last year because of the rise in cases, we were very cautious and had to stay home.  Since then it has never been the same.  Less time spent with my friends, means less time I am a third, fifth, seventh, ninth, or even eleventh wheel.  I am starting to lose my identity as the third-wheel and my life is spiraling.  I catch myself trying to get into three way facetime calls with them, but it just doesn't feel the same. 

If you have a third-wheel friend like me, please do not forget about them.  They are the SECOND most important person in the relationship.  This year I will be gifting all my couple friends a bag of coffee so they can remember I still exist.  If you’re single, you should too.  If you’re a couple, then please... gift your third wheel the gift of the "third-wheel" coffee. by Tales Coffee.