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| the Grind |
By Vincent Wong

These past few weeks have been a hectic grind for us.  From changing how our coffees are released, to scrambling to find new green beans, becoming better YouTubers, it's been one hell of a month.  All this hard work is paying off finally as we are seeing some growth in our overall business. 

During this time though I must say... tasting coffees has been an exceptionally difficult one.  To make up for the lack of experience in roasting (a little over a year) we've been really pushing hard for new techniques and flavours.  After many months of imagining how we thought the heat and the bans react together, we've developed some new theories.  It is finally time to figure out the actual science behind the beans.  We will be getting out the Cropster program installed and ready to become real roasting scientists.

The roasting timeline has become a lot tighter since we are now releasing a new coffee every two weeks.  We're learning to build and create a story as we go, so it's been a lot of work to plan out our new coffees.  Needless to say this is all worth it and the coffees we put out are gonna be better then ever.  Unfortunately the next step for me is to really work on my graphic design.  My last two have been a bit lack luster and will be looking to improve that heavily.

As for becoming better YouTubers... there has never been anything more fun honestly.  We felt the lack of connection with our customers with just the instagram platform so we decided to invest more time in connecting with more people via our YouTube videos.  I specialize in pour overs, so we have been releasing a lot more pour over discussions videos.  The content has helped us reach more audiences around the world and everyone seems to find the tutorials tremendously helpful. Hopefully our content helps you guys improve your home brewing techniques!

During this time not only are we creating new content, but we've been practicing and testing blends.  We always had a house blend for sale, but that was just more of an ever changing blend depending on our seasonal green beans.  This new blend we created was intended to really just hit this perfect sweet spot and balance.  From high acidity to low acidity beans - we've blended it all to create this rich yet balanced coffee. 

Just like how we have been hard at working building our brand and roasting business, we hope to bring you some of that energy through this coffee. We hope to encourage you to dive deep into your passion and work hard at something you truly want to do in your life. We bring you our coffee - "the Grind"