The Bonfire's Warmth

BONFIRE | Nicaragua

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Have you ever gone camping with friends?

Probably one of my most memorable moments is just being around a bonfire with my friends.  Is it just having friends or is it the fire?  Maybe a bit of the both that made the experience amazing?  We decided to create this coffee that really brings out the memories of sharing a moment around the bonfire.

The last time I went camping, I just remember sharing drinks and having marshmallows over this bonfire with friends.  That only meant this coffee had to be extremely sweet and soft like a marshmallow.  Since bonfires are started from wood we needed to have some earthy flavours in there as well.

When it comes to a sweet and slightly earthy coffee there were only two choices: Indonesian coffees or Nicaraguans.  In the end I thought the Nicaraguan coffee we selected had a much softer and sweeter flavour profile.

Sitting by the bonfire and basking in it's strength and warmth is definitely a moment to remember.  That feeling of being super relaxed yet rich was definitely incorporated back into this coffee.  With a longer roasting time and lower finishing temperature, we were able to recreate that feeling.  The little blaze in the middle of all of us, the crackle of the wood, the vast outdoors and the stars above us.  Nothing ever really hits the same as this moment.  I hope the coffee we created truly brings together strength, warmth and vastness of a bonfire to you.