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CABIN | Honduras

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What's a remote getaway without a beautiful cabin to live in.  It's secluded, hidden, and comfortable - this is our ideal cabin.  A place that's large and empty, but extremely comfortable.  We envisioned a coffee that represents the warmth of a cabin, but having a hollow and lighter texture.

A place that's safe for you and your friends escape to, get lost but feel safe.  Nothing is more COMFORTABLE than this cabin.  The gentle atmosphere, the zen-like moments... that's what we wanted to recreate with this coffee.
To create that feeling of warmth, we have roasted a nice warm texture.  The roast itself was finished at a lower temperature, but for a longer time to create that nice feel.  Just like the cabins you visualize in your mind, we imagine a beautiful nutty/wooden sweet finish to the coffee.
We present to you our coffee from Honduras.  It may be called Cabin, but this coffee reminds us of sharing a hot chocolate with friends.  Friends are the core of a warm and comfortable moment.  It's that feeling of inclusiveness that makes a hollow empty cabin warm.